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LASIK, Lids, Labradors and National Police Week

Last week was National Police Week! Coincidentally, we had a very nice patient visit the office to inquire about LASIK who happens to be an officer for the Columbus Police Department. He shared some stories of situations where his glasses were a barrier to performing his best on the job. At West Georgia Eye Care […]

Blessings in the Storms

A weather front filled with electrical storms and tornadoes wreaked havoc across the southeastern states the first week of last month.  Columbus was not spared and many residents had damage to trees and property.  One of those trees was especially dear to Margie Tanner.  If you have been a patient at our Main Office on […]

Some Pictures Tell the Story Better Than Words!

You really can hear the story behind these pictures by just looking at this 13 year old patient’s precious face after surgery! Her before and after eye photos speak loudly.  See her diseased and opaque cornea that offered her only a life of blindness and view all of the potential her new clear cornea offers […]

Fun Fact Friday… A Hummingbird’s Wing Flap

Spring has arrived in West Georgia! The signs are everywhere from blooming flowers and budding trees to the return of hummingbirds! We are blessed in this area to be the spring and summer home for some species of these jewel-like, colorful creatures! If you want to invite them to your home, offer them homemade nectar […]

Happy Easter – Vision of a Different Kind

Yesterday, a patient and her husband were praying together very quietly in a corner of our waiting room before her surgery. She was both excited and anxious about her pending procedure to improve her vision.  It seems she already has the most valuable vision which is vision of a different kind than eyesight. Spiritual vision […]

APRIL Fool’s DAY Love In Action!

No Fooling! We Love Our Patients!  On April Fool’s Day and Everyday! Mahaley Lowe, one of our dear patients, needs our help. She is blind from glaucoma and her home is not safe to live in. Her friends are having a yard sale to raise money for repairs on her home. When: Saturday, April 1st […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from WGECC

You don’t need to find the pot of gold at the end of the St. Patrick’s Day rainbow to afford Laser Vision Correction! You might think that paying for the most advanced iLASIK surgery technology would take a lot of green, but we offer financing options in order to make it more affordable! We believe […]

The Award for Best Eye Care Goes To…

You may have never heard of the gift bag company in Los Angeles, Distinctive Assets.   But chances are, you would most likely recognize the names of their award winning recipients. Some of this year’s Oscar nominees were treated to goody bags prepared by Distinctive Assets.  The company’s clients provide a variety of high-end, desirable items and […]

Could There Be Aliens, NASA?

Yesterday, NASA announced a new discovery and expanded our knowledge of the Universe! Could there be Aliens?  Well… maybe? According to scientists, atmospheric studies still have to be done before determining if the new discovery is capable of supporting living organisms and that will take years.   No actual extraterrestrial life or aliens have been confirmed.  […]