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Happy St. Patrick’s Day from WGECC

You don’t need to find the pot of gold at the end of the St. Patrick’s Day rainbow to afford Laser Vision Correction! You might think that paying for the most advanced iLASIK surgery technology would take a lot of green, but we offer financing options in order to make it more affordable! We believe […]

The Award for Best Eye Care Goes To…

You may have never heard of the gift bag company in Los Angeles, Distinctive Assets.   But chances are, you would most likely recognize the names of their award winning recipients. Some of this year’s Oscar nominees were treated to goody bags prepared by Distinctive Assets.  The company’s clients provide a variety of high-end, desirable items and […]

Could There Be Aliens, NASA?

Yesterday, NASA announced a new discovery and expanded our knowledge of the Universe! Could there be Aliens?  Well… maybe? According to scientists, atmospheric studies still have to be done before determining if the new discovery is capable of supporting living organisms and that will take years.   No actual extraterrestrial life or aliens have been confirmed.  […]

We Have A Winner! Eye Exams Can Be A Win – Win!

Thank you for sharing our blog last week! You helped pass along the news that an eye exam can be heart healthy.  We drew a random name from the list of those who shared and we have a winner!                                                                                          Congratulations to Diane Brock!                                                                                                                    Winner of a Free Eye Exam! Eye Exams can be […]

Rise Up… We Love Our Falcons and Their #1 Fan!

Rise Up! That is the fervent cry of all true Falcons fans who hope that, like the legendary Phoenix, their team will rise from the ashes to win the Super Bowl!  The ashes represent the 51 year span of perseverance with only one Super Bowl visit in 1999, which resulted in a loss to the […]

Our Apologies! Literally! (not just another idiom)

A recent feature article from Dictionary.com explains the difference between the idiom “my apologies”, and the literal expression of “my apologies”. If you are among the majority of us who don’t know the difference, you may enjoy following the link below to read more about it. At West Georgia Eye Care Center “our apologies” are […]

Effective Dates, Available Dates and Headaches!

Cephalalgia is the medical term for headache. There is a diagnostic code in ophthalmology for headache but it is not frequently used.  It is actually uncommon for vision or eye problems to be the cause of headache, and the definition of headache from most medical sources does not even mention the eyes.  The most common […]

Resolve to Know Your Risk of Glaucoma!

January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month. Learn if you’re at risk for glaucoma: Who’s at risk? People of African-American, Asian, or Latino descent Those with a family history of glaucoma or optic nerve diseases Those with health conditions like diabetes People with abnormally high eye pressure People who have experienced a severe eye injury Would I […]

Testimonials, Trust and Tennyson

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering ‘it will be happier…”                                                                                                                            ~Alfred Tennyson    The start of a New Year is a time of reflection for some, of resolution for others. At West Georgia Eye Care Center and McLean Dermatology we are reflecting on the year just passed and we […]