What Is a Cataract?

A cataract is a loss of transparency, or clouding, of the normally clear lens of the eye. As you age, chemical changes occur in the lens that make it less clear. The loss of transparency may be so mild that vision is hardly affected. On the other hand, it may be so severe that it dramatically impairs eyesight. When the lens gets cloudy enough to obstruct vision to a significant degree, it is called a cataract. Glasses or contact lenses cannot sharpen your vision if a cataract is present.

I Have a Cataract: What Now?

Cataracts must be surgically removed. After diagnosis, your doctor will refer you to a surgeon in order to restore your vision. If you’re a patient at West Georgia Eye Care Center, our ophthalmologists are pleased to offer surgical solutions right here in our state-of-the-art ophthalmic surgery center. Start to finish, we will care for you as you walk through diagnosis, surgery, and post-op recovery.

What Causes Cataracts?

Cataract formation is primarily due to aging. Other causes include trauma, medications such as steroids, systemic diseases such as diabetes and prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. Occasionally, babies are born with a cataract. Wearing sunglasses may reduce your risk for developing a cataract by limiting exposure to ultraviolet light. However, once a cataract has developed, the only cure is surgical removal. It is time to have surgery when your vision interferes with your lifestyle.

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“After being diagnosed with cataracts I was referred to West Georgia Eye Care Center for consultation and surgery. The entire experience was wonderful. Everything turned out even better than I’d hoped. I can see exceptionally well after having Restor®; I was practically blind and now I am 20/20. My doctor was so nice and sweet; he explained everything before I had the procedure. I can now do my word search books without glasses or my flashlight.”

B. BallardColumbus, Georgia

“This year the doctor said I had cataracts. After having my cataract surgery with Restor®, I can see better than I could with my reading glasses, especially up close.  I love the new lens; I had no idea it was possible to see this well. I can read the road map now; I don’t even have to look for my reading glasses first!”

J. RogersColumbus, Georgia

“I can read the phone book now!”  Before having Restor® everything looked dim and had no color to it; I had to use a magnifying glass to read the phonebook.  Now I am 20/20.  I would recommend this procedure to everyone!”

F. HargroveColumbus, Georgia

“I felt so loved at the Surgery Center of West Georgia! My surgical experience was a piece of cake. The team is great, the personal touches are lovely: the flowers, the prayers, the escort to your vehicle.”

Sarah Worthington